Hour of Power

Weald of Kent Grammar School
Tudeley Lane

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Imagine a fitness class that combined the mental focus & mindfulness of yoga, the core conditioning of pilates, the high energy fat-burning of aerobics and the muscle conditioning of weight training. You are imagining something close to the Hour of Power Workout...

The Hour of Power workout will allow you to achieve a high level of total-body fitness in a very short space of time, typically just 1-3 hours per week. It is one of the few studio fitness classes that is equally attended by men and women and is suited to all levels of fitness since the difficulty and intensity of the class is entirely controlled by the participant. Participants must be ages 16 or over.

Venue: Drama Studio, Weald of Kent School, Tonbridge
Time: Monday 7.45pm-8.45pm (except bank holidays - check class times on Facebook group or via email below)
£6 per class, pay as you go


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